IO2 – Virtual Reality Resources

by AutismTechToolsAdmin

Elements of Innovation

Virtual Reality is one of the most prominent digital tools which is used for various purposes in different study areas. As for education, benefiting from newly emerged innovations always happens lately compared to different sectors. Yet, priority must be given to educational practices first and foremost, because piloting the effectiveness of innovations and benefiting from strong motivating and engaging factors of these tools will facilitate the learning processes. 

Hereby Virtual Reality resources should be tested or used in order to strengthen the experiential learning of students. In virtual reality applications, visual objects are used in 3 dimensions. Therefore; in the education programs, which virtual reality applications used, attracts attention and increases the motivation about the educational programs. The studies shows us that; virtual reality-based educational practices, which help to embody the abstract concepts, increased attention span during the training of the students. In this context, it is also clear that your virtual reality will contribute to the development of students’ imagination and creativity. The resources which we will develop will be unique examples of teaching assistive technologies in this particular and enable prospective teachers and other interested third parties to effectively use the assistive technologies for maximum benefit of students with ASD.

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