IO1 – Higher Education Curriculum for The Use of Assistive Technologies in SEN Education

by AutismTechToolsAdmin

Curriculum will include the aims, acquisitions, content, activities that can be done in the course of teaching processes, measurement and evaluation sections. The curriculum will be designed for 30 hours training.
Elements of Innovation
This curriculum will have a perspective which is "Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) develop at a different rate and can find it hard to pay attention to others, communicate, understand other perspectives, and see the big picture. These challenges affect learning and development. Many children with ASD need help developing social and communicative skills. Assistive technologies accelerate the learning pace of these children, facilitate them to work by themselves and improve their adaptive skills." Especially innovative assistive technologies developed for facilitating learning processes of children with ASD are not handled in many courses of Teacher Programmes. Most of training courses have no subjects related to curriculum, education or programs about these tools and when and how to use them.

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