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The School of Robotics (Scuola di Robotica) is an Educational and Training Center Certified by the Italian Ministry of Education and member of the European Robotics Platform. It has extensive experience in employing robotics to support educational needs. A Committee consisting of robotics scientists and of scholars in Humanities has instituted School of Robotics (2000), and it serves as Scientific Committee. The aim of the “Scuola di Robotica” is to promote the knowledge of the science of Robotics among students and young people, from early childhood to high school education. It provides also for the widest practicable and appropriate dissemination of information concerning the results of the R&D in the field of Robotics, ICT and of about complementary developments of other disciplines (Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology, Applied Ethics, Education). Scuola di Robotica has been key in promoting Roboethics (Ethical, Legal and Societal Aspects in Robotics – ELSA) and it was the ELSA Partner and Referee for the European Action CARE (Coordination Action for Robotics in Europe). It is a member of the European Robotics Association and of the European Centre for Women and Technology ECWT). It is the National Centre of the Project Roberta, Girls Discover Robot; Regional Partner of the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL); it is the National Coordinator of EC euRobotics Week; and NAO Challenge Ambassador for Italy. School of Robotics is deeply involved in the study of the complex interaction between Robotics and Society, and is supporting the international project for the development of Roboethics, the ethics applied to robotics. The main aims of Robot at School are:

Comprendere l’impatto dell’ICT, della Robotica e delle nuove tecnologie in generale per quanto riguarda i processi e le metodologie di apprendimento;

Aggiornamento tecnico, scientifico e metodologico per gli insegnanti che lavorano nelle scuole tecniche e professionali secondarie;

Sviluppo e diffusione di una metodologia didattica altamente innovativa attraverso un Laboratorio Virtuale multidisciplinare su Internet..;

Promuovere la cooperazione tra le diverse discipline per la realizzazione di un esperimento innovativo;

Promuovere la conoscenza e l’uso responsabile delle TIC (Tecnologie dell’iInformazione e della comunicazione) e dei nuovi media.

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