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SPOŁECZNA AKADEMIA NAUK (University of Social Sciences) is one of the leading private universities in Poland having 15.000 students and over 1000 academic staff. In the educational rankings, published by the influential national magazines our Academy is placed very high. There are 20 departments, including Culture Studies, Educational Science, Psychology and Sociology that will contribute their experience to this project. Within our Educational Science department we train teachers of different types with a special focus on preschool and early school level of education. Apart from our academic profile we have been involved in several international initiatives and EU projects targeted to the disadvantaged people (see our experience below). Via our Polish Open Academy we offer study programmes and courses over the Internet as well. Our task is to support traditional trainings as well as promote modern teaching methods. As an educational organization University of Social Sciences promotes a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together researchers from a diversity of backgrounds (economics, humanities, educational science, etc.). Our University has potential to provide support (according to specific roles and tasks assigned within the consortium) to project’s activities having an immense expertise and experienced staff in respective field. 


University co-operates also with wide range of kindergartens and primary, the local city council, authorities of Lodz Province, provincial and administrative units, other educational institutions as well as with associations and foundations. Within our post-graduate studies of Socio-therapy, we collaborate also with specialists working with children in kindergartens and day-rooms.

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